aloSIM Review – Plus Save 15%!

aloSIM is a company that sells data eSIM’s for countries all over the world. You can buy cheap data for roaming and save a fortune on your mobole phone bills!

Plus, get 15% off all purchases using my unique link and discount code CHRONICTRAVEL

You can easily buy a new eSIM or top up your current one if you’re already a user like me. The process is incredibly easy. I logged into the aloSIM app, selected the data plan I needed, and within minutes, my eSIM was activated and ready to go. No need to hunt down a physical SIM card or having to use multiple phones.

Throughout my stay, I travelled around Los Angeles and San Diego, and aloSIM provided a strong and consistent connection everywhere I went! I was surprised that even in the hills I had a signal.

I used a 20gb aloSIM for the entire month in California, and I was surprised that even with uploading photos and videos as well as for searching for attractions and things to do, but I still had a few gigs of data left at the end of my trip! I was surprised that even with all the media I uploaded and watched, that I still had data left. Which is brilliant as I didn’t want to run out, and I didn’t!

The app was great as it tells you how to install the sim as well as how much data you have left. You can also top up straight in the app.
The app is a must have in my opinion.

The reliable connection and brilliant customer service made it easy for me to enjoy my trip without any tech-related stress. I just installed, activated and got on with my trip.
If you’re planning a trip and want some data on your trip, I highly recommend giving aloSIM a try.

There is so many advantages to taking a data sim. You save a fortune on roaming with your regular phone sim, and with the data, you can find things to do, transport, places to eat, check the weather, make restaurant reservations on apps, and so much more.

A huge highlight plus with aloSIM, is their customer service which is honestly brilliant!
A few days before my trip, I had a minor issue, so I reached out to aloSIM’s customer service, expecting a long chat to get this solved. But I was wrong! The service was fast, good and I was off the chat in around 2 minutes which is so quick to get something sorted. They responded very fast and resolved the issue in their second reply within just a few minutes! I have genuinely never experienced something get resolved so quickly.
I have had so many bad experiences with customer service at other companies, so I was ready for a long chat, but it was brilliant customer service who resolved the issue in a few minutes.
Good customer service as well as the reliable connection, has made me a very loyal aloSIM user! I really wouldn’t use anyone else now.
Plus the price is brilliant, and don’t forget you can get 15% off using my unique link and discount code CHRONICTRAVEL.

You also get a free phone number with Hushed, for as long as your package is valid! This is a newer offer that they started, and it is very much appreciated!
I was able to make and receive calls using the Hushed app. It was great for when I needed a USA phone number for parking and food ordering, as well as being able to make calls when I needed.
The app was easy to use I could choose from a choice of phone numbers which I really liked.
As I mentioned, this is new to aloSIM as I have used them in the past, and this wasn’t available, so I really was happy to try it out on this trip.
Really loved it and I think this is the icing on the cake for aloSIM. Good service, good prices and a free phone number for your trip!

If you like Hushed, you can buy a lifetime number for just $25 using my unique link!

I used to travel without any data and I relied purely on WIFI for many years travelling, and having a data sim made me trips so much more enjoyable as I could just enjoy my trip, find things as I needed, and know that I could find anything I needed as and when I wanted.
It is a nightmare if you are on vacation and need information but have no internet. This gives you peace of mind as well as the internet at your fingertips at all times.

Having a data sim is also perfect for if your hotel WIFI isn’t very good, which happens a lot! I have had this happen hundreds of times over the last decade alone, so having a data sim means you just don’t need to worry.
Plus, they are pretty cheap! A whole month of data for a great price, plus you can get a 10% discount on your first purchase using my link. What more could you want!

One tip is to make sure you don’t uninstall the eSIM otherwise you won’t get it back! It also gives you this warning on the website and app.
You can deactivate it on your phone if you aren’t using it, then you can top up and use it again later.
If you have used all data and you delete it, then decide you want it back, you can just buy a new one, but if you want to top that same one up again, just don’t delete it.

Check out aloSIM now, and if you use my link and discount code CHRONICTRAVEL you will get 15% off your purchase! That is a huge discount!

If you aren’t sure if your device can take an esim, then check the list on aloSIM’s website, or use aloSIM’s device checker tool.

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