I have launched a brand new feature, which is the ability for you to purchase a postcard from me, using my own photos taken while I am there, from various places from my trip locations which are listed below.

Postcards are not the cheap mass manufactured ugly postcards you get in stores, these are made by me using photos I have taken on that trip!
This is totally unique and allows you to get a personalised postcard, with a little message from me, with a beautiful photo of the location you chose, delivered to your doorstep for FREE!

Trips You Can Buy A Postcard From:

July 2023 = London
August – September 2023 = Northern California
November – December 2023 = Amsterdam

April – May 2024 – Southern California
September – October 2024 – Los Angeles

To buy a postcard, head to Ko-Fi and you can buy a postcard from any of these locations, delivered free to your door once I am on the trip itself.

Photos for the postcard are taken by myself so I can only make the postcards once I am there, so please be aware that you will only receive the postcard during the months I am there, as posted above.

For anyone that doesn’t know Ko-fi, they initially was launched as a competitor to Patreon where people can donate to creators, but they then branched out and added lots of other features, including the ability to host our own shops on there!
So you can tip me on Ko-Fi, OR buy a postcard!

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