Amsterdam A’Dam Lookout

The A’Dam Lookout is a observation deck with a panoramic view of Amsterdam.
But it isn’t just that!
There is a few things you can see and do here, including of course the wonderful 360 view from the observation deck, but there is also a Amsterdam VR ride and a swing ride that swings over the edge of the observation deck!

I recommend that you buy tickets online as not only does that save queuing to buy them, it also gives you a €2 discount for buying online!

The elevator to the top is a little show in itself that takes you from the 1st floor to the 20th floor in just 20 seconds with a light show during your short ride to the top. So make sure you look up in the elevator!

There is also a FREE audio tour for those that like to take a tour of places. You just need to download the app which is called “Close to LOOKOUT” and follow the instructions for the tour.

There is also a restaurant at the top so you can have a bite to eat whilst watching the amazing view. Menu and prices are listed so you see costs before you go. Prices aren’t that bad, but of course they are higher than normal due to it being at an attraction, but honestly prices aren’t bad for where the restaurant is and the view you get!

Also on a Friday to Sunday, they have a DJ in the restaurant so you can have some entertainment if you go on a weekend.

I highly recommend A’DAM Lookout to everyone, even if you don’t want to do the swing or VR ride. The 360 observatory deck is perfect all year round.
I think in Summer it would be extra special as you can sit on the roof and just watch the world go by, so you could enjoy the weather as well in summer, but any time of year is great! I went in winter and it wasn’t too busy which was perfect.

I enjoyed watching the city, watching people on the swing, enjoyed a drink from the cafe, as well as going on the swing and VR ride which I really loved! The swing is a bit scary as you are hanging over the edge, but definitely a thrill!


The swing is a ride that hangs over the edge of the A’DAM Lookout! This is a lovely swing that rocks back and forth but whilst hanging over the edge. You get an amazing view of the city from here!

You can also buy a video to keep and watch back as a memory thanks to the GoPhoto team.

You can save a free copy of the photo which I really appreciated as usually you have to buy everything which isn’t good. Here you can get a free small copy and a short version of the video. You can buy better versions if you wish. Really nice to get a free memory.

VR Ride

The VR ride is rollercoaster ride through the city of Amsterdam.

You can see a video of both the swing and the VR ride on the A’DAM Lookout website. Just scroll down on that page for the two videos.

I did have the video break up a few times as though there was a technical issue, but it only lasted a few seconds each time and didn’t affect the overall experience. It really felt like you are on a rollercoaster and the video was fun.
I enjoyed it a lot as a adult and saw many other adults going on it, so don’t feel it is for children as it is for everyone.


Directions are listed on their website, but if using public transport/on foot/by bike, this is how to get there:

  • From Amsterdam Central Station
  • Follow the signs ‘IJ-Zijde’ (IJ-Side), the ferry F3 to the North of Amsterdam departs from there
  • Take the free ferry to F3 ‘Buiksloterweg’, which takes 2 minutes
  • 24/7 schedule!

You just walk towards the Eye building and the entrance to the tower is right next to it.

One thing I will add is that a lot of people had issues finding the entrance because signs were telling people to go around the back to enter the Lookout tower. This wasn’t correct and we were sent back to the front, right next to the Eye. Use that entrance and ignore the sign that tells you to enter at the back with an arrow (unless anything has changed since Dec 2023).
I did the same myself and saw many others doing the same, then being told to walk back around to the front. This was the only issue I had and it caused a bit of extra pain as I can’t walk far due to disability. Other than that, it was easy to find and was enjoyable.


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