How To Use Your Phone Abroad Cheaply

When travelling, you might know how expensive roaming can be, but it doesn’t have to be!

With roaming prices taking a hike in the UK after we left the EU, and prices to countries outside the EU are also higher now, many people are looking for ways to save when using their phone abroad.

What a lot of people don’t realise is that you don’t have to use roaming, you can use a local network and get better prices by getting another sim card, either physical sim or e-sim, and using then in conjunction with or instead of your regular day to day sim that you use.

I highly recommend you use a sim from the country you are visiting (which you can buy online), and with many modern phones, you don’t always need to physically replace the sim, you can use a e-sim which are electronic sims. No opening that little tray!
Some newer phones have 2 sim card slots so you can use 2 physical sim cards together whereas some others have 1 physical sim card slot and 1 e-sim slot.
But you can still use physical sims instead of e-sims still as not everyone has these features.

By using these companies, you are getting some of the best prices at minimal effort. You can save a fortune depending how many calls, texts or data you use!

There are three companies I highly recommend, and all are cheap; AloSIM, Airalo and DrimSim.


Alosim is one that I have used myself and that I highly suggest. You can also get 15% off with my link and discount code CHRONICTRAVEL! That will save you a bit of money.
AloSIM have sims for pretty much every country and region. You can select a country OR region and your esim will last a lifetime for free. You can just top it up over time.
They have brilliant customer service and sorted something I was having problems with, within 2 minutes of opening their live chat!
I recommend AloSIM highest of the three. Don’t forget that discount to save 15%!


Airalo is well know and offers some good prices. They offer e-sim cards.
Very simple to use and a good company to use. You basically just choose the country you are going to and then select the e-sim card that you want as they offer various allowances, networks and prices.


Drimsim isn’t quite as well know, but is still popular and offers great prices. They offer both e-sim cards and physical sim cards.
You simply buy a sim card or e-sim card, and can use it anywhere. It is as simple as that. They have a rates page on their website that lists the costs for different countries so you always know what you are paying.

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