UK Border Force Trialling Passport-less Entry

The UK Border Force has begun trialling smart gates at airports. These new gates would let people enter without showing your passport.

They are planning on upgrading the entry points in airports with new smart gates with facial recognition, so they would recognise who you are, and let you without showing your passport.
This new system would require registration so that your data is on the system.

Phil Douglas who is director-general of the UK Border Force, said they are aiming for “frictionless facial recognition than we currently do”.

They aim to keep the current gates and instead of scanning your passport, it would recognise your face and let you in. This would be faster than current method which is quite slow in reality.

Passport free travel that is using facial recognition is already used by in other countries, including in Dubai. Dubai Airport claims that the smart gates let you pass through in as little as five seconds which is really fast!

What are your thoughts on these upcoming smart passport-less gates? Let us know in the comments!

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