Save Money On Travel With WayAway (Plus Discounts)

WayAway is a tool that lets you save money on travel such as flights and hotels, by find the best prices and also with WayAway Plus, they also give you cashback on the purchases you make!

I thought I would explain how the site works as well as give you 10% off Plus with my unique discount!

They don’t sell tickets which means they aren’t adding an extra middle man, they just find the best prices and also give you cashback via the Plus programme!
They are similar to other price aggregators, BUT they also give you cashback as well as sending you straight to the merchant so that they don’t add another middleman.

The site is also designed by travellers for travellers who are passionate about travel, so you know that they are travellers just the same as you, rather than businessmen in an office who have no interest in travel.

The Plus programme is brilliant as you earn cashback on ALL bookings such as flights or hotels.
You can get 10% cashback on hotels and 5% on flights!
That is a lot of cashback when you think how much flights and hotels cost.

You do have to pay a annual subscription for the Plus plan, but this is optional and you can use the site without cashback from Plus, although you can often get more in cashback from a single booking, than the cost of the annual membership!
I have seen many examples of this when searching on the app.

You do get 7 days totally free to try out Plus, so it is worth trying for free anyway as you have nothing to lose!
You also get your first year membership for half price using this link AND an extra 10% off using my unique link!

Get 7 days totally free when you join WayAway Plus, an optional half price first year AND 10% off!

If you decide after the 7 day trial you wish to carry on, then you will get your first year for $44.99 with my 10% off link (normally $49.99), instead of the usual annual price of $99.99!

My 10% link is unique to me, so you are getting another $5 off with my link that you wouldn’t normally be getting.

If you travel a lot, Plus will save you a lot of money over the year. If you travel less often, Plus can still save you money as the cashback amount is often much more than the annual fee!
I have seen cashback for 1 booking that is much more than the cost of the annual membership, so you have to weigh up the cost and benefits and choose what is best for you.

If you are passionate about the environment, you can also offset your carbon footprints by buying carbon credits. More about this here.

I definitely think you should give WayAway a try out and if you are going to book, give the free 7 day trial of Plus a go!

Have you used WayAway? Let us know in the comments!

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