Use aloSIM For Cheap Data Abroad And Save 15%!

If you ever travel with a mobile phone, you will know how expensive roaming is. Well worry no more if you use aloSIM as they sell really cheap eSIM’s for everywhere on earth pretty much, with great priced data packages lasting up to 30 days each.

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aloSIM is an eSIM only company where you can get free lifetime eSIM’s from them and you can top it up with various options of data packages for countries worldwide!

Most phones take eseSIM im now, and if you haven’t ever used one, don’t worry, it is so simple and easy to set up! Actually easier than manually adding a physical sim which takes much longer and is more fiddly than a digital eSIM!

Many phones have one sim card slots now, one physical sim and one e-sim. My iPhone has two slots so I used aloSIM in the second.
You can then even make it so that iMessage’s using your number on your main sim, can use the second sim’s data plan for data. This saved me a fortune while roaming!

You will need to choose a country OR region and a data package amount of your choice.
A regional costs a little bit more as it covers more countries. A country is just that.
So if you were going to Spain and France for example, then you would need Europe regional package to use it in both countries.
If you get a country sim, then it is just for that country alone. Choose whichever suits your needs.

Each package lasts for up to 30 days, so choose an amount of data that you will use that is enough for you. There are multiple options for each sim.

Here is a little guide on buying, installing and activating the esim:

  • Head to aloSIM
  • Choose either a country OR a region
  • Choose a package with the amount of data you want
  • Checkout and pay
  • Install the eSIM (see video below for more help)
  • Activate the package when you want it to start (package lasts 30 days from this point!)

Here is a video guide on installing the esim to make it as simple as possible:

You don’t get a phone number, only data, but you can still use iMessage and messaging apps with the data to send messages, or use facetime or phone apps to make calls using the data.

With packages lasting 30 days, it is more than enough time for most people, and if you want more, you can just buy another data package for your aloSIM. Just like topping up a PAYG phone if you have ever done that.

They have the best priced data I have personally found as well as great customer service!

I highly recommend them, and don’t forget to use plus get 15% off all purchases my unique link and discount code CHRONICTRAVEL

If you aren’t sure if your device can take an esim, then check the list on aloSIM’s website, or use aloSIM’s device checker tool. There are too many to list as most phones now accept esims.

If you are looking for other company suggestions, check out my post called “How To Use Your Phone Abroad Cheaply” which lists a few other companies. aloSIM is my number 1 personally.

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